A pretty big update. (this page is kind of outdated, but here are some of the new things)

  • Added support for halter, collectability, performance and workmanship shows
  • Added halter, collectability, performance and workmanship optional fields to horses
  • Small changes to legacy records and how they are displayed
  • Small changes to layout and default colors on the site
  • Updated premium info page
  • Added alternate images for horses
  • Allow horses to be edited while entered in shows (limited)
  • And more...


Added legacy records and reference images for premium users.

  • Optimized loading some more pages
  • Added ability to upload reference images for horses
  • Added ability to add legacy records for horses (legacy records are records from off-site shows)
  • Updated show information page with more data (counts, settings, etc)
  • Formatting/text changes
  • Added the option to allow horses to enter a show more than once
  • Limited the instant loading of images on some pages, to improve performance
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed issue with show judging not automatically giving out rewards
    • Changed / fixed private show judging
    • Fixed issue impacting the setdefault option for show hosting
    • Fixed issue with dependency injection sometimes causing seemingly random errors
    • Fixed many smaller issues, errors and bugs


Many optimizations and added ads (sorry)

  • Optimized loading many pages
  • Added google ads
  • Updated FaQ
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Rare random errors on several pages
    • Minor text changes


First official release 2021-03-02. Lots still to do, but enjoy the site!

  • Fixed last remaining bugs
  • Added image compression system
  • Updated FaQ
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Various


Some general improvements and bug fixes.

  • Updated show details layout and added information
  • Updated parameter structure
  • Added tracking for horse/show approvals
  • Small styling improvements
  • Lowered some caching limitations
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Error on saving judged entries
    • Error on finally submitting judged entries
    • "SortBy" value not saving on show creation/edit


Starting at version 0.1 (V.0.1)

  • Added changelog page
  • Improved static page caching
  • Cleaned up and reorganized css and js files
  • Improved show creation UI with loading indicators
  • Enable premium
  • Updated FaQ contents and formatting
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Error on removing crossbreeds from horse
    • Single rewards are sometimes not being displayed correctly